Touring Exhibitions from Guildhall Library

We’re very pleased to announce that two of our exhibitions are now available to hire for free. If you are a museum, library, history centre, school, or any other organisation, and are interested in hiring these exhibitions, we’d love to hear from you!

Each exhibition consists of eight pull-up banners and is flexible enough to fit in most spaces.

img_2461-front-bannerThe first exhibition is London’s Dreadful Visitation: The Great Plague, 1665. The Great Plague was a devastating event in the City of London, wiping out almost 100,000 people. Whether young or old, man or woman, saint or sinner, it killed mercilessly and changed London forever. This exhibition was originally staged at Guildhall Library in the summer of 2015. Divided into clear themes, visitors are able to learn more about the pestilence, including the remedies people used; theories on the causes; and what the authorities did in response to the outbreak.


Also available is our brand new exhibition That Dreadful Fire: the Hand of God, a Great Wind and a Very Dry Season, which was on display at Guildhall Library until 30 November this year. It takes you through the story of the Great Fire and explains what you can learn through Guildhall Library’s collections, including who was to blame, its impact, and how Londoners rebuilt the City.


Our plague exhibition is also now available as an online exhibition, so to find out more about the Great Plague of 1665, visit our website

Want to find out more? Please get in touch at or 020 7332 1868 and we can provide more details and an exhibition pack.

Amy Burgess
Events and Exhibitions Officer
Guildhall Library


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