A Very Modern Tradition – Livery Companies in the 21st Century

The City of London’s 110 Livery Companies are unique institutions that blend civic pride, charitable commitment, training and education, industry, profession and military connections, with fellowship and religious roots. Each Company brings these aspects to life in different ways and to varying degrees depending on its size, history, finances and the make up of its membership – some companies still have regulatory, inspection, enforcement, examination or qualification awarding roles.

Contrary to widely held perception the Livery Companies are in rude health, growing both in number and in membership such that there are now more Livery Companies and more members of those companies than at any time in the past. Considering the earliest of the companies predate the Norman Conquest – that’s no mean feat. Their role and impact in modern times is as diverse as it is vast, this presentation (view link below) explores just some of the ways in which Livery Companies are active in the 21st Century:


Paul D Jagger, Court Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

Author of “The City of London Freeman’s Guide”

Livery Companies Book


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