Welcome to Guildhall Library’s blog!

Hello world and welcome to Guildhall Library’s new blog! As you may or may not be aware, the original Guildhall Library was founded in the 1420s. Today, we are a major public reference library specialising in the history of our fine capital, London. But we also have much else on offer – including a dynamic events programme, courses and tours and over 200,000 titles dating from the 15th to the 21st centuries.

Through this blog we hope to bring our collections to the attention of as many potential users of Guildhall Library as possible, and to promote our events and other offerings. We will highlight amazing finds, gems from the shelves, new acquisitions and anything else we discover that may be of interest.

Watch this space…



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Guildhall Library’s blog!

  1. I’ve just come across the new blog – great to see it! I’m very much looking forward to your posts.

    One suggestion: would you consider adding a ‘subscribe’ button (in widgets) so people who like your blog don’t miss new posts? I’m sure you’ll let us know on Twitter anyway, but it would be useful.

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